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Refund Policy

[Refund Request] When and how can I apply for a return refund?
We are so sorry that you have received a parcel which is not up to your expectation. As all's order is protected by BdShopee Guarantee, we do advise you to check on the order status and do not click on order receive to avoid payment release to the seller. 

Criteria eligible for return and refund
1) Did not receive the order
2) Received an incomplete product (missing quantity or accessories)
3) Received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
4) Received a product with physical damage (e.g. dented, scratched, shattered) 
5) Received a faulty product (e.g. malfunction, does not work as intended)

How long would it take for my refund to be processed?
All refunds will be initiated the next working day. Credit card payments will be refunded to the respective credit card and it takes around 7-14 working days for processing depending on the banks.

Online payment and Bank transfer payment methods will be refunded to your Exiting Acount!

Alternatively, please reach out to our customer service by dropping a note HERE or +60189066933 (Monday to Sunday - 9.00am until 6.00pm, including Public Holidays) for further assistance.

How do I handle damaged packages?

If the external packaging of the delivered order is visibly damaged:

Ask the courier if he could wait for you to check the condition of the products. 
* If the courier agrees, check the product and reject the package if it is damaged. 
If the product is found to be damaged after the courier has left:

Report the case within 24 hours of receipt via our bdShopee App or Web. BdShopee will hold the payment until the case is solved.
To report via our BdShopee app, go to "Order Detail" ("Me" > "My Purchases" > "To Receive" > "Click on the Order"), scroll down until you find “Request for Return/Refund”.


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